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Dan and Joy Wambeke are exploring offering a Great Books Program in conjunction with the Angelicum Academy. It will be hosted at the St. Edward's KC Hall starting Fall of 2021. For more information, contact:

Dan & Joy Wambeke

PHONE: 952-290-0764



“One of the great problems of our time is that many are schooled, but few are educated.”

-St. Thomas More


Purpose Statement:

To provide the opportunity for SW Minnesota families to give a “Great Books” classical education to their children in a community setting.


Why “Great Books”?

• Puts students directly in contact with the Great Ideas proposed by Western Civilization. Students read works from Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Dante, Aquinas, Shakespeare, and many more! (Greeks, Roman, Medieval and Modern authors)

• These are not just for “smarty-pants” intellectuals! The concepts are accessible to everyone, though they are sadly no longer taught in most curriculums today.

• Uses “Socratic” method of shared questioning and inquiry.

• Oriented toward the understanding that the primary purpose of education is not to just “get a job” but to seek the True, Good, and Beautiful (and become better human beings in

the process).


Why partner with Angelicum Academy?

• Qualified Instructors/Moderators

• Optional additional offerings available:

•  Logic, Ethics, Latin, Theology and other courses

•  3-8th Gr – “Socratic discussions” & “Philosophy for Kids”

•  Liberal Studies offerings with Ignatius Press

•  College credit (A.A. degree) for Great Books students in partnership with Holy Cross College (Cromwell, CT)

• Solidly Catholic (Note: students from other faith traditions are welcome! Theology offerings are optional.)

• Flexible format with minimum time commitment (2-4 hrs/wk)

•  Easily coordinates with any homeschool curriculum

•  For public/private school students, may even be an option to incorporate into school schedule.


Proposed Format

• Co-op students would be co-located and connect with teachers & other students live via virtual connection.

• 4-year program (typically taken 9th-12th grades, but is open to any student age 14 or older. Even adults can go through the program!)

• ½ day/week “shared” class time

•  Students in different years may not have class simultaneously but to the extent possible classes would be scheduled “close” to each other

•  Students are welcome to take other Angelicum courses, even if they occur outside the “shared” time.


To-Dos/In Progress:

• Determine interest level in region

• Determine meeting/class times

• Creation of Non-profit association for co-op

• Procure potential funding source(s) to assist interested families who need financial aid (unaided tuition = $1295/year)

Great Books