Capital Campaign Objectives

Order of ProjectsProjected or ActualEstimatedCompleted or planned
Resurface parking lot48,709.00$50,000Completed Summer 2020
Repair rectory roof and windows16,124.50$29,000Roof complete Summer 2020, windows Complete Summer 2021
Repair leaks in the school/add gabled roof 23,950.00$65,000Completed Fall 2020
Replace downspouts/gutters - original school building  $30,000Completed Fall 2021
Repair church roof and replace gutters203,540.00$161,000Completed Summer 2021
Replace Louvers around Church Steeple40,000.00 Completed Spring 2022
Tuckpoint/repair church steps 16,600.60$8,000Completed Fall 2021
Tuckpoint around Church front  Completed Fall 2021
Update Knights Hall exterior3,805.81$11,000Completed Spring 2021
Insulate school attic$7,500Delayed to assess need
Air condition the church47,276.00$80,000Completed Spring/Summer 2022
Replace sacristy windows 5,221.28$5,000Completed Summer 2023
Repair exterior window trim of Church Obrien Windows69,876.00$15,000Completed November 2023
Repair exterior window trim of Church - lift16,730.25 
Sidewalks11,394.00Completed  Fall 2023
Refurbish front exterior school doors 18,000.00$18,000
Update school security 3,000.00$3,000
Replace siding - east side of the middle school wing5,000.00$5,000
The next three will be grouped as the Church will need to be closed  Summer of 2025 - 3 Month project
Refinish the church pews and repair kneelers67,233.00$15,000
Replace Church floor68,239.00 
Repair plaster and paint the Church interior 391,225.00$671,000
Altar Furniture66,250.00 Not yet agreed to
Move the organ baffles 4,000.00$4,000
Create a ramp to the school entrance40,000.00$40,000
Landscape church and school campus 25,000.00$25,000
TOTAL OF All PROPOSED IMPROVEMENTS                         1,191,174.44$1,192,500
Campaign costs31,239.56$30,000
Proposed Expenses total1,222,414.00$1,346,750
Actual Expenses Paid534,467.00
Funds contributed1,100,229.00
Funds available565,762.00