Teen Talk Youth Group - On Hiatus

What was Teen Talk?

It is a gathering of high school age kids (grades 8-12) on Wednesday evenings.

The youth are able to:                                                                                                                  Activities include:

  meet with the pastor                                                                                                                    candle-lit adoration once/month at St. Eloi
  pray together                                                                                                                             taking Retreats and Pilgrimages
  learn about our Catholic faith
  put our faith into practice in our daily lives                                                                                                                                                                                         eat good food!

Presently we are meeting in the loft of the Knights’ Hall and we would like to make this area more inviting and comfortable.

Many of our past participants have gone on to live their Catholic faith by becoming seminarians, Sisters, Missionaries & strong examples of faith.

There have also been conversions among our youth where the kids are living their Catholic faith.

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