Sisters of Mary Morning Star

The Sisters of Mary Morning Star (click here to go to their official page) are called to be a presence of prayer in the heart of the world.
​Their contemplative vocation calls them to a life of silent prayer centered on the mystery of the Eucharist. 

NOTICE - We email announcements for the different activities that we do:  our prayer vigils, come and see weekend retreats for young women, and philosophy evenings or weekends for youth.  If you would like to receive these announcements, please send an email to us at and let us know which of the 3 (or all) announcements you are interested in.  

Mass Times & Prayer

Everyone is welcome to come to daily Mass (Mon-Sat) in "Our Lady of Mercy" chapel or come to pray whenever you'd like.  It's always a joy when you come to pray with us!
​Vespers: 6:00 pm, Adoration: 6:30–8:30 pm.

Please check the schedule or bulletin each week to be sure or call the sisters at 428-3919. 

​Thank you for your support, and be assured of our prayers.
We keep praying for the world, and each one of you.
May the Lord pour out upon us his graces and gives us peace and hope.

Children's Adoration

1st Thursday of each month
(Contact the Sisters for times)

The Sisters bring the children to their chapel for a time of prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament.  We introduce the children into prayer in a very simple way, through songs, prayers and silence, helping them to discover that Jesus is their friend and Savior, and teaching them to form a personal relationship with Him, even at a very young age. 

We help the children to know that they can talk to Jesus as to a friend and pray to him with very simple words, whatever comes from their hearts:  “I love you, Jesus.  You are my friend.  I believe in you, I give you my heart,” etc… 

We would love to have more children participate in Children’s adoration this year, so please spread the word if you know any families who might be interested.

Support Us

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