Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion (EMoHC)

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist in the distribution of the Blessed Sacrament. They must be Catholics in good standing (Confirmed and actively practicing their faith) and at least 18 years old. They must be specifically commissioned by the ordinary of the Diocese by having their name submitted to the Bishop by the Pastor. They may also be commissioned to assist at Catholic School Masses and taking the home-bound, including those in long term care facilities.

Instructions for Eucharistic Ministers (Modified for CoVid)

~ If there is a Deacon present we will not need a Eucharistic Minister.

~ Wear a mask (mandatory) and sanitize your hands before distributing communion
gloves cannot be worn because of the possibility of transferring the Blessed Sacrament to an item that will be tossed).

~ Come up to the Altar to receive Communion after the Lamb of God.

~You may lower your mask before receiving and place it again, covering mouth and nose .

~Receive the Ciborium from Father and go to your station.

~ A small table will be placed at each communion station with a corporal,
an ablution
 bowl, a purificator, and a bottle of hand sanitizer.
The ablution bowl and purificator are
 available so that you can dip your fingers in the dish
or use the purificator to ensure
 there are no particles of the Blessed Sacrament
on your fingers before disinfecting your

~ The faithful remove their face coverings as they approach the communion stations.
They can receive Holy
 Communion in the normal ways.

~If you sense that your fingers have made contact with
 a person’s hands or mouth,
you are to pause, place the ciborium on the corporal,
 your fingers in the dish or use the purificator and then use hand sanitizer.
You may need to repeat this as often as necessary during the distribution of Holy Communion. It is not
necessary to use hand sanitizer between each communicant unless you make contact
with the communicant.

~ Holy Communion cannot be received in the hand if someone is wearing a glove
again because of the possibility of transferring the Blessed Sacrament).
Kindly ask them to remove the glove or they may receive it on the tongue.

~If there are infirm in the back and Father is still distributing, please go to the back to give them the Eucharist.

~If Father is done, he will take the ciborium from you and you can use the ablution cup to purify your fingers.
If you finish before Father, place your ciborium on the Altar, purify your fingers in the ablution bowl, and return to your seat.

~ Thank you for assisting in this important ministry!