Exodus 90

Do you know any men who drink too much, eat too much, sleep too much, struggle with porn or lust, do not exercise like their body deserves, binge social media, politics or sports, feel isolated, do not have meaningful conversations and are lacking in their relationship with God?  Do you know any men who are not satisfied with life; that feel out of control, unmotivated, or less than they desire to be?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, or know a man who would, EXODUS 90 is the answer!

Exodus 90 starts Monday, January 17th, tens of thousands of men across the country and the world will embark on a 90-day journey to freedom.  It is time to be set FREE! 

These 90 days are designed to train men in prayer, asceticism and fraternity.  No man can thrive without these three elements in their life.  I think we understand fraternity- brotherhood, intentional community.  I think we have heard some homilies on prayer- communion with God.  But, asceticism might be a foreign word.  In asceticism, we deprive ourselves of something to make room for God!  WE detach ourselves so we can attach to HE WHO made us.  So, what kind of self-denial? Take a deep breath in and read this following list. 

· Take short, cold showers.

· Practice regular, intense exercise.

· Get a full night’s sleep (at least seven hours is recommended).

· Abstain from alcohol, desserts, sweets, soda and sweet drinks (white milk, black coffee, and black tea are permissible).

· Abstain from eating between meals.

· Abstain from television, movies, televised sports, video games.

· Abstain from non-essential material purchases. 

· Only listen to music that lifts the soul to God.

· Only use the computer for work, school, or essential tasks (e.g., paying bills).

· Only use mobile devices for essential communications; cut out non-essential texting, app, and internet use. 

·Take Wednesdays and Fridays as days of fasting.

Now imagine that you were living just 100 years ago, or that you lived in a third world country- would this list seem that challenging then?  Make no mistake, asceticism is challenging. And, in fact, it’s near impossible, on your own. But, you’re not alone, you have the LORD and you will have true fraternity!  Now, on average, Exodus men save $102 per month simply by decreasing their non-essential spending as part of practicing this Asceticism. Ready to save some money? 

A quick sell on fraternity.  Every man wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves.  Every man longs for REAL brothers.  An Exodus 90 fraternity is made up of a small group of men (6-8 men) who remain connected together with the Exodus 90 App (Apple or Android) working together to accompany each other in their pursuit of freedom and holiness.  Exodus is not something you take up alone. Men who have been through Exodus 90 consistently talk about the POWER of fraternity and how these bonds continue after the 90 days.  Real fraternity leads to real success. 

PLEASE consider joining me on January 17th as we Start EXODUS 90!  Pray about it…ask the Lord! 


For more information, see the Exodus 90 website.