Funeral Preparation

Our deepest sympathy if you come to this page as you prepare for a funeral for a loved one. What is given below is a brief preview of what we would discuss regarding a Funeral Mass or Funeral Service (without Mass). The Funeral Home would have many more details to discuss, and they are there to aid you in this difficult time. Times and days must be discussed with the Funeral Directors and Pastor before setting them - there may be conflicts with the Church or other things on the schedule that make a funeral difficult.

If you are coming to this page to begin planning a funeral either for yourself or a loved one who appears to be going Home in the not so distant future, thank you. The more the person can give their ideas for the readings, prayers, and songs, as well as the overall details for the funeral, the better.


Following are some typical questions or details that are needed.

1. Visitation time, date, and place: Typically in the Church but also at the Funeral home the evening before the funeral

2. Time, date, and place of the Funeral and Visitation before the Funeral: Typically in the Church

3. Persons needed
 Lector (either 1 reader for all, or up to 4 if a different person for the first reading, second reading, petitions, and at times the Psalm Response)
          Note that this person should be Catholic and comfortable with reading with a PA system.
     Extraordinary minister (Assists in the distribution of the Blessed Sacrament) Must be commissioned to be an Extraordinary Minister.
     Casket bearers, if the body is present
     Urn bearer, if cremation before the funeral is chosen.
     People to place the pall (the large white cloth that covers the casket), typically family
     Musicians Cantor and organist. they should be able to lead the music, not just play or sing. The parish maintains a list of musicians
     Altar Server who assist the priest with the various things for the Mass

4. Songs for the Funeral. These should be 'Church' songs. Secular music or pre-recorded music is largely to be avoided. A document with suggestions of songs and suggested places is listed in the Funeral Song Suggestions document found below.
   Processional Song. This is a song that helps us process is as the family follows the casket/urn in

   Offertory Song. This can be a more reflective song as the Altar is prepared and the gifts are presented or offered.
   Communion Song. This should be about the Eucharist or our relationship with Christ.
   Communion Reflection. This can be a more reflective song that gives us a chance to reflect on the love of God.
   Song of Farewell. This is a liturgical text and has limited options, Typically "Come to His/Her Aid (tune: Old Hundredth)" is used
   Recessional song. This is sung as the servers and priest lead the Casket/urn and family out of Church and transition into the procession to the cemetery.

5. Choices of Prayers. Selections are given In the Funeral Texts Document found below. Father will select based on circumstances as needed.
   Opening Collect
   Prayer over the Gifts
   Prayer after Communion.

6. Readings. These are all Scripture readings. Selections are given In the Funeral Texts Document found below.
   First reading, usually from the Old Testament, (but could New Testament if there is only one reading)
   Responsorial Psalm recited/song: These are Psalms and not hymns.
   Second Reading New Testament
   Gospel from the Gospel according to Matthew, Mark, Luke or John

7. Is the Burial Immediately following, typical for Casket burial, and where.