Lectors assist in the proclamation of the readings during Mass. They should be Catholics in good standing. They should be comfortable reading aloud with good pacing, diction, and volume (the PA system is assistance, not replacement of volume control).

Instructions for Lectors Modified for CoVid:

~Prepare the readings by looking at the USCCB Daily Readings site, missalette or other resource like the Magnificat Magazine.

~ Masks are required except when you are reading at the Ambo. Take off your mask as you enter the Ambo, and replace when you leave.

~ Arrive early to look over the readings in the Lectionary as well as the binder with the petitions and announcements.
If not in the sacristy, the binder and/or Lectionary may be at the Ambo.
Take the book to the ambo, and then be seated in your pew or feel free to wait in the Sacristy. The lector will not be part of the procession.

~ Read the “To be read before Mass/Welcome right before Mass along with the Announcements in the binder

~ Proclaim the First and Second Reading. The Psalm may be sung - Confirm with the musicians; if so, leave ambo and wait in the sacristy door.
Return to pew after Second Reading.

~ Come forward to read the Petitions (unless there is a Deacon).

~ After Mass, assist the sacristan by putting the Lectionary and binder with petitions and announcements in the sacristy.

~ Please respect the sacristy and sanctuary as safe and prayerful places for the priests and servers.

~ Thank you for assisting in this important ministry!