Marriage Preparation

Congratulations! Just to be clear, here’s the overview of your preparation for this great Sacrament.


As you prepare for the Sacrament of Matrimony, here's an outline that will help you.

1 - Contact the Parish office and Fr. Todd as soon as possible, no less than 6 months before your preferred wedding date, BEFORE you confirm venues, caterers, etc.

2 - If you plan on marrying in another church (Catholic or otherwise), you will still need to go through the full preparation program with minor modifications.

3 - If either or you were previously married, whether Catholic or not, dates will not be confirmed until after you have spoken to Fr. Todd.

4 - Typically, weddings are on Saturday Afternoons, though they could be during the regular weekend Masses in Ordinary Time. Some chose to have a Friday evening wedding. Usually practice is the evening before the wedding.

5 - It is preferred to have weddings within the Nuptial Mass as it better symbolizes the union of bride and groom in the mutual reception of the Blessed Sacrament. For Couples who are interdenominational (Catholic and Lutheran, for example) or when a large majority of family and guests are not Catholic (and therefore unable to receive the Eucharist), a wedding without Mass might be a more 'pastoral' option.

6 - Typically, as Pastor, Fr. Todd would be the celebrant for weddings in the Area Faith Community. For weddings without Mass, the couple may choose one of the Deacons of our area. All other priests or deacons at these parishes need to be discussed with Fr. Todd before confirming with the preferred presider to make sure all necessary things will be present (In good standing, etc.)

7 - If your marriage is at either St. Eloi or St. Edward, you will reserve the date/time/parish of the wedding. Note that due to funerals, the Church may not be available the morning of your wedding.

8 - After you have confirmed the date, Fr. Todd will contact you to set a meeting and will begin the process. As part of this, you will be:
     a. Registered for the Fully Engaged Program (see below)
     b. Set a first meeting with him (Please send me 2 or 3 possible dates and times)
     c. During that meeting, you all will:
          i. Have a chance to meet each other
          ii. Fill out the Diocesan Marriage Information 
          iii. Take care of any canonical issues before proceeding to the next steps (important if there were previous marriages)
          iv. Discuss the sacrament of marriage, the preparation program, etc., retreats, etc

          v. Give the information on the readings and prayers for Matrimony (see attachment WeddingPlanningBook.pdf)

     c. Review the information on the preparation couples and make a recommendations

9 - After meeting with Fr. Todd and completing the questionnaire, the couple would contact a Fully Engaged couple, and arrange to meet with them to discuss the Fully Engaged questionnaire.

10 - The couple are required to register and attend the Diocesan Marriage retreat at (if none work, let Fr. Todd know as soon as you can and we can find other options).

11 - The couple also are required to register for the "God’s Plan for Joy-filled Marriages" at the Church of St. Mary, Sleepy Eye (if none work, let Fr. Todd know as soon as you can and we can find other options).

12 - When the couple has reviewed the Fully Engaged, the mentor couple will contact Fr. Todd and he will prepare the documents needed, including sending the couple a letter for the marriage license discount.

13 - No less than 8 weeks before the wedding, the couple will meet Fr. Todd if he is the presider or with the deacon witnessing their marriage to review the readings and prayers for the ceremony.

- Fr. Todd will assure that all the information is in (retreats, paperwork, Baptismal Certificates, and the Fully Engaged) and after the wedding, make the proper notifications and changes to the record, including the baptismal record.

Here’s the list of the Fully Engaged couples:
     Seth and Teresa Myhre
     John and Jennifer Rabaey
     Dc. Travis and Jessica Welsh Cell 507-829-0986 Jessica cell 507-828-8404