Altar Servers are an important part of the liturgical celebration, and our parish is enriched through their dedication and service. They assist the presider to preform his role with decorum and allow for a more solemn celebration of the Mass. It is therefore a very important responsibility, and requires a sincere commitment. 

All servers must be baptized Catholics, typically no younger than in grades 4 except with the Pastor's permission. They must have received their First Holy Communion, and are capable to receiving the Eucharist during any Mass they assist. They are parishioners of the Church of St. Edward or the Church of St. Eloi, or attending St. Edward’s School. They must be willing and able to attend training sessions, and able to take direction, and have a desire to serve the Lord and His people.


Only if you are serious about committing to the following expectations should you apply to be an Altar Server. Those desiring to serve are held to these expectations: 

  • 1.     Servers need to be Catholic and attending weekend Mass on a regular basis.
  • 2.     All servers are to be good examples of Catholic life through words and actions, whether in Church, school, work or play.
  • 3.     Servers are to fulfill their assigned times to serve, or find their own replacement. Failure to serve or find a replacement when scheduled may result in removal from the schedule.
  • 4.     Servers are to wear appropriate clothing (no colors or designs that would show through the servers’ robes) and shoes (no open-backed shoes) at the Masses they are serving.
  • 5.     Scheduled servers are to arrive at least 15 minutes before Mass begins, and check-in with the Sacristan.
  • 6.     Servers are to hang up their vestments after Mass. 
  • 7.     Even if not scheduled, all servers are encouraged to inform the Sacristan of their presence should the need for servers arise.
  • 8.     All servers are to pay attention during Mass (no fidgeting or inappropriate talking or activities). 
  • 9.     All servers are to know and say the appropriate responses throughout the Mass. 
  • 10.   All servers who wish to no longer serve are to contact the parish office, but either find a replacement or serve any Masses for which they are already scheduled.

Instructions for Servers Modified for CoVid:

~ Masks are required.

~ Arrive early. Vest as normal.

~ Father may have special instructions.

~Assist the sacristan as needed. You may be asked to light the candles.

~ If there is one server and no deacon, server and Father will simply process out from the sacristy. Lead Father out in front of the Altar, genuflect, and follow Father back to your chair.

~ If there are 2+ servers or one server and a deacon, we will process from the back as usually. We will go to the back through the basement or outside as weather permits. If there are not 3 servers, only the Crucifix will be carried in the procession.

~ Father will read the prayers from the Missal, until further notice.

~ There is no offertory. In order, the server(s) will bring to the Altar the chalice, ciborium unless empty, water and wine cruets.
After the preparation of the Chalice, the water and wine cruets are taken back to the credence table.

~ When Father has prayed over the prepared chalice, assist Father through holding the ablution bowl, towel,
and when asked, pour water over Father's hands.

~ Ring the bells at the typical time.

~ Lower your mask immediately before receiving the Eucharist, and replace it immediately.

~ Bring the water cruet to the Altar during communion so that Father can purify the Chalice after distribution.
After Father has purified things, he will set them to the side of the Altar. Take these items and return them to the credence table.

~ If there was a simple procession from the sacristy, meet Father on his left facing the Altar. Genuflect as Father genuflects and lead into the Sacristy.

~ If there was a procession from the back, retrieve the crucifix and move to middle aisle as Father venerates the Altar. Other servers will follow. Those not carrying things are to genuflect. Turn toward the Altar and bow as Father and deacon(s) genuflect. Process out.

~ After getting to the back, pause and face the Crucifix. Father will lead the prayer and then return to the sacristy through the basement or going outside.

~ After Mass, assist the sacristan by extinguishing the candles, clearing the credence table, and other requests made.

~ Please respect the sacristy and sanctuary as safe and prayerful places for the priests and others.

~ Thank you for assisting in this important ministry!