Ushers assist at Mass by welcoming people by helping with needs or finding a pew, assisting with the collection, helping with the offertory, and perhaps even aiding the Eucharistic Procession. They should be trustworthy Catholics in good standing.

Instructions for Ushers Modified for CoVid:

~ Arrive early. The back pew is reserved for you.

~ Wear a mask and use hand sanitizer.

~ Open all doors and windows (if possible) for ventilation during Mass and so no one
else needs to touch the doors.

~ Keeping the 6-foot distance from others and avoiding conversation. Do not shake people's hands.

~ Aid in pointing out hand sanitizer stations and aid in other needs.

~ Assist people to find open pews, maintain spacing, as needed.

~ One usher must count people and record on the clipboard in the confessional.

~ Bulletins will be placed on the back table and by the side doors for people to pick up.

~ There are collection baskets in front on both sides, and in back of the Church for
envelops or donations. Keep an eye on them. The Envelopes will need to be collected
and brought to the Sacristy after Mass and put in the blue banking bag and then sealed in a tamper-evident bag.

~ The Ushers will make sure that the Church & Bathroom is thoroughly sanitized after
each service, including Doors, Pews, and Surfaces. There are 4-spray bottles in the
sacristy; lightly Mist over the pews-it should be dry in about 10-20secs. It will take
about 4-5 sprays per pew. Do the front/top of the pew and the seat and Inside of all the
doors. You do not have to wipe the pews off, just spray them.