Capital Campaign and Maintenance

We know St. Edward Catholic Church is no more defined by buildings than a family is defined by a home. Yet both need a place to live that is welcoming, functional and accessible, a place where the light of home can shine. Here in that light, miracles can happen, as they have happened at St. Edward's Church for the past 115 years.

As every homeowner understands, we must provide the space to shelter our community and the ministries to feed those who consider this their spiritual home. At this important moment in our history, we must work together to provide the financial resources that will repair and improve our facilities.

The decision we choose regarding our campaign commitment will testify to our determination to pass on what we have received here: the gift of community wherever you are on your journey of faith. It is up to each of us to help protect and grow these good things for ourselves and for generations to come.

Our capital campaign creates an ambitious but attainable $1,396,750 goal. Reaching it requires four things:

  1. Participation. St. Edward Catholic Church belongs to all of us. For this reason, every member will be invited to offer a significant financial commitment over 36 months (four tax years).
  2. Commitment. The commitment should be in addition to what is contributed through the regular weekly collection that supports our annual operating programs and ministries and tuition/fees for our education programs. Our annual operating budget needs ongoing financial stability while we raise the funds required to complete the proposed facility repairs and improvements.
  3. Trust. We are all called to offer what we can share based on our financial capacity, trusting that God will provide for our needs as we offer our commitment in faith.
  4. Hope. We must be hopeful that we can reach our goal and each do our part to help achieve it.

Now is the time for each of us to pray, hope, and have the courage to act in faith that God will look after our needs. For our needs, and an update on what has been completed, see the Campaign Projects Page. See the document below for more information.

Capital Campaign Cabinet

 Deacon Bruce Bot (507) 828-7012    • Ruth Bot (507) 829-0514    • Julie Janiszeski (507) 829-3894 
• Mary Myhre (507) 828-2521​   • Fred Rabaey (507) 828-1420   • Nate Welsh (507) 828-3341